Registered Organizations

ABC Charity is all about our registered charity’s / NPO’s, we are here to help and support their amazing cause(s)in the best way we know how.

We do not take any responsibility for how much money the charities raise with our tool, it is up to the organizations to use it and promote that they are registered to their supporters. We will market ABC Charity but not all the individual organizations and since it is up to the buyers to choose which charity to benefit from their purchase we can not warrantee how much they raise. However we can warrantee that we will do our best for all organizations to raise as much as possible and if we all help out we believe that we can make miracles.

What organizations do we register

Up to five children’s charities or NPOs will be allowed to register on the ABC Charity web shop in each Country a letter is produced. No charity is neither too big or to small to be a part of ABC Charity.
The registered organisations primary focus is supporting children so that they have a better start in life. It can be anything from schooling, after school programs, cancer research for kids or orphanages giving street kids a bed to sleep in.
ABC Charity creates an opportunity for organisations to have an alternative avenue to fundraise.

How to become a registered organization

We are always seeking good and trustworthy charity organisations and NPOs around the World to register as part of the ABC Charity team. If you are interested, please fill out our application.

Requirements to become registered

Here are our requirements for charities/NPOs to be registered in the ABC Charity web shop:

  • The organization is registered according to the rules and regulations in the Country it is based.
  • The organization has a web-site (so the buyer of the art can research their cause)
  • The organization is at least two years old and can prove that it is active in supporting children
  • The organization has a bank account that the money can be transferred to
  • The organization must send us updates every 3 months with how the money has been used ( pictures and text is a must, so we can blog about it)
  • The organization is able to raise a minimum of 5.000 USD per year through the sales of the ABC Charity letters to stay registered (this is to avoid us from having inactive organizations, encourages them to use our system and serves as promotion in both networks)

Promotion of registered organizations

Promoting our cause of helping children in need is very important to us, and the world. While we strive to promote as much as possible we cannot guarantee promotion of all individual registered organisations. Therefore, it is important that every registered organisation promotes themselves within their network to attract donations. We provide information and website link to registered charities so that buyers can research each charity before making up their mind of who shall benefit from their purchase.
Each registered organisation will benefit from promoting themselves in their own marketing to show that they are registered on “ABC Charity’s” web shop.
ABC Charity will blog about how the organisations are using the money we raised to their cause. The better material we receive from the charities, the better the blog posts/promotion can be.