In countries all around the world children are invited to get together for a day of fun, creativity and compassion – to experience what it feels like to give without expecting anything in return.

During the event the children assemble to form the letter chosen for their country and the photographer takes the picture.

  • Events last for approximately 2-3 hours
  • Photographing the letter takes about 30 minutes
  • Approximately 500 children are co-creating each letter
  • The children are between 7-13 years old
  • The events are completely free of charge for the children and the organizations / schools involved.
  • The events are funded by our photographer, the sponsors they engage and together with the local community where the letter is taken
  • Each event features an inspirational speech, music, snacks, drinks, entertainment and giveaways to all the children
  • Prior to each event ABC Charity visit the children explaining how important they are for the project and how they support less privileged children to get access to education by participating in the letter.


Prior to the event we will be visiting the children to speak with them about ABC Charity, the mission and the importance of living a caring and sharing lifestyle. It is important to us that each child understands what it means to participate and that they know that they are helping children get access to education by being in the formation of the letter. We want them to get inspired to use their creativity to make a difference and to understand that we all can do something.


  • Children between 7-13 years old are invited to co-creation of the letters
  • We collaborate with charity organizations, schools and associations when organizing the kids so they can come with volunteers who know the children, 1 grownup per 25 children


We cooperate closely with the local community in the Countries we create the letters. We want the letters to be something that everybody are proud of. We love when local people and companies come together to help out.


The production costs for the events / letters are funded by our photographers in cooperation with “Letter Sponsors” “Event Sponsors” and the local community.