ABC Charity

We create the first ever human alphabet with thousands of kids around the world. The letters are sold as photo art to raise money for children in need and to give them a better start in life.

This is how it works
  • We produce a letter

    with approx. 500 kids - one letter per country

  • We register up to 5 charities/NPOs

    in the country where we produced the letter

  • We sell the letters

    in the ABC Charity web shop where you can buy the pictures

  • We donate 100% of the money

    to a registered charity/NPO you choose

  • After donating

    you pay a small fee for the production cost (the physical print / transaction fees)

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  • “ABC Charity is a very important project”

    Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Thanks to the support from our incredible Partners, Ambassadors and our Volunteers, 100% of the money from the sales of the letters can go straight to a children's charity of buyer's choice.


Thanks to our fantastic partners who are donating their services we have 0% overhead costs.


Our lovely ambassadors make the creation of the letters possible by covering the production costs.

Local Community

Our awesome volunteers support with hours of hard work to make memorable events for the kids.


Join us on our mission to raise money for children's charities around the world and inspire kids
to make a difference, buy a name or become an ambassador.

and start a fundraising campaign to fund the production of one letter and inspire 500 kids to make a difference.
Become an ambassador
100% of the money goes straight to a children’s charity of your choice. Give kids a better start in life, invest in art and a better future!
Buy A Letter

See the letters on the map where they were taken.

We have so far made 7 letters in 7 different Countries & given 3000+ kids around the World an experience to remember for life.

We proudly present our Partners

Thanks to our partners we have 0% overhead costs and can donate 100% of the money to kids in need.

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