Let’s Empower Kids

To Become Positive Changemakers

We are on a mission to create the world’s largest art project for charity. We do that by creating the first ever human alphabet together with thousands of kids around the world and sell the photo art to benefit kids charities in the countries we visit.

“I believe that happiness is the way to create positivity change in the world. Let’s empower kids and show them that it is fun to help other and together create a more playful and kind world.”

Filip Cederholm Agoo, Founder & Photographer

 Kids Create

Kids from countries all around the world get together to create the first ever human alphabet – one letter per country, 500 kids in each letter.

 Photo Art

The letters are captured from an aerial view by photographer Filip Cederholm Agoo, creating limited edition photo art sold in the ABC Charity webshop.

 Kids Benefit

Local and global charities benefit from the purchase of the letters – receiving a minimum of 90% of the funds from the webshop sales.


“ABC Charity is a very important project”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Registered Charities


When the buyers purchase the letters, they choose one of the registered charities that they want to support and benefit from their purchase.


In every country where a photo is taken, ABC Charity registers charities supporting children’s education and wellbeing in the ABC Charity WEBSHOP

Our Registered Charities

100% Charity

ABC Charity is Swedish non-profit organisation and charges nothing for its services. 100% of the revenue from the sales of the photo art is forwarded to the registered charities thanks to the support from our photographer, pro-bono partners that donate their products and services at no charge, our sponsors and the local communities in the countries ABC Charity produced events.


The photographers arrange the event with the local community, events sponsors, letter sponsors and together they donate the image to ABC Charity.


ABC Charity teams up with companies who donate their products and services to ABC Charity, to minimize overhead costs as much as possible.


Schools, mayors, companies, entertainers, parents, you name it, everyone is invited co-create the event making it loads of fun for the children.

Invest in photo art and empower kids

The ABC Charity Letters