Our mission is to help children around the World to a better start in life. We do that by creating a fundraising tool that gives charities an additional avenue to raise money
ABC Charity is a global charity art project and we create aerial photography art together with children around the world. We photograph the first ever human alphabet made with approx. 500 kids in each letter and we do one letter per country. When we produce the letters we also create inspiring and empowering events for the children. The main purpose of ABC Charity is to create a charity fundraising tool as an alternative avenue for children’s charities and NPOs around the world to raise money for their worthy causes. The photos are sold via this website and all proceeds go to charity. As a buyer, you decide which charity you want the money to go to. Our initial goal is to have raised 10 million USD by December 2018. We intend to encourage the youth to live a more caring lifestyle and use their creativity to make a positive impact in their community and the world at large. ABC Charity is a NPO registered in Sweden (802471-5131), founded in 2012. We are independent of any political and religious beliefs.

6x Win Win

The kids get a free, inspirational day and the unique opportunity to be a part of a global art project connecting thousands of kids around the world.

The registered charities in each country gets an additional avenue to raise money and awareness about their cause.

The Ambassadors gets the pleasure of giving 500 kids a day to remember for life and receives a generous gift package.

The country hosting the event creates awareness around the beauty of their country through international press, photo books and exhibitions.

The buyer of the art gets a daily reminder of love and compassion while supporting a charitable cause they believe in.

And we at ABC Charity get the pleasure to see our crazy idea come to life and help thousands of kids to a better start in life.

How Does it Work

The ABC Charity organisation is divided into two parts:

1. Creating the letters:

We create letters with thousands of kids around the world. A full-day event with the kids are made possible thanks to our ambassadors, either through a donation or with our crowdfunding tool.

2. Fundraising tool/web shop:

The photos of the letters are then sold on the web shop and all proceeds go to different charities and NPOs.


The two parts are separated and the proceeds from every sold picture of the letters will always go to a charity or NPO of the buyer’s choice. They will never be used for production costs of the pictures since those costs are funded by our ambassadors.

What is the goal?

The initial goal is to have raised 10 million USD by December 2018.
We will reach that goal if we sell approx. 10% of the complete collection (see price list under Shop). If we sell the complete collection it will generate 115.7 million USD to children in need around the World – and that does not include what posters, photo books and merchandise will generate.

Why produce photo art?

People often spend a lot of money on photo art but rarely we donate large sums of money to charities. So we thought that we can create photo art that people can buy and then we donate the money to kids in need. So now everybody is happy: the buyer gets a nice piece of art, the kids a better start in life and together we have made a difference.