Thanks to our partners we have minimal overhead costs. Our partners support with their services and expertise. They do what they are best at, we do what we are best at and together we raise money to children charities so they can do what they are best at – give kids a better start in life. Together we can make a difference.

Unique oppertunity

What is unique for the ABC Charity partners, is that they only support with their services and not financially, so we all focus on doing what we are best at. For services like transaction, printing, shipping, accounting etc. this means that there is no work needed to be done until we sold a print and together raised a minimum of USD 200 to a children charity.

One Letter

When the complete edition of one letter is sold out, that letter have raised a total of USD 4 450 000 to children charity.

To the right you see the size of the prints, the edition of how many prints in each size that are for sale, how much is donate from each print and the total if all prints in that edition are sold out.

26 Letters the complete alphabet

When all 26 letters in the alphabet are sold, we will together have raise a total of 115,7 million USD to different children charity’s.

For us to reach our goal of raising 115,7 million USD to different charities we will need to sell the complete edition below. It will be a maximum of 171 860 transactions, prints, deliveries etc. to reach that goal. This makes it easy for our partners to see the actual investment and there is no risk involved since the work only happens when money is raised to charity.


  • Burson-Marsteller is our PR and communication partner
  • White & Case supports with legal documents and contracts
  • DHL ships all prints sold in the ABC Charity web shop for free globally
  • MyNewsDesk supports with a pressroom so that we easily can reach different media outlets and get exposure of ABC Charity.
  • Ryska Posten helps with logistics, office space for our volunteers, curriers in Stockholm and storage
  • Create The Change is our founding partner and supports with administration and production
  • Spotify gives us free audible and visual advertising on the Spotify platform

Join the journey & empower kids together with us

If you want to be a part of this journey please let us know how you would like to help us take ABC Charity to the next level.

We are currently able to donate 90% of the money from the prints sold. To enable our vision where we donate 100% we are seeking a printing and transaction partner.

Thanks for your interest in ABC Charity – please contact us if you have any questions.