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Join us and create art history. Give 500 kids a memory of a life time and receive global exposure over years to come. Each letter is made possible thanks to our incredible Letter Sponsors who either crowdfund or donate a minimum of $15,000 to cover the production costs of a letter.

The offer is exclusive, only one Letter Sponsor per letter and country. You may sponsor as a private person, a company or group of people or companies.

Your Investment – $15.000 USD

Get your company, co-workers, friends, family, sports team or choir together and give 500 kids the best day of their life. 

Return on investment

Thanks to the Letter Sponsors, ABC Charity guarantees a fun, secure and empowering event and photo production of each letter. In return the Letter Sponsors are always mentioned next to the photo art when it is exhibited, printed or shared by ABC Charity.

They also receive a unique sponsor package including:


Receive the first edition print of the letter in the size 100×150 cm worth 2750 USD




Special thanks in our global exhibition tours in museums, galleries, and schools around the world.


Special thanks in coffee-table books once the alphabet is complete.


Special thanks on in the event article, in our social media channels and newsletters.


Receive unique storytelling content from the event (photo and video) to share in your social media channels, press releases, and newsletters.


Special thanks in our press releases that have been printed in some of the world’s most-read and popular news outlets.


Enjoy the sweet feeling of empowering 500 kids, who thanks to you created the letter and attended the event. You proved that “Kind is the new Cool” and enabled “Kids Helping Kids”.


For every person investing in ABC Charity’s Photo Art money will be raised to support and help other kids. Your letter will over time raise millions of dollar to kids in need.

Your contribution goes a long way

Thanks to our Letter Sponsors we are able to provide an amazing day for the kids and empower them to become positive change makers. Below are some details to where your contribution will go towards.

To make the day a memory of a life time we get the kids dancing, singing, hula-hooping, and swinging through the day! Below are examples of entertainment that we provide for the children to elevate their experience.

  • Clown
  • Face painting
  • Hula hoops
  • Beachballs
  • Frisbees
  • Slackline
  • Or let us know what you would love if you were a kid at an ABC Charity event?

A “Kind is the new cool” t-shirt is gifted to all the kids when they arrive at the event to set the stage for the day. Since all kids at the ABC Charity event are winners everyone receives an “I can change the world” gold medal, so they embody that they are positive change makers and have made a difference by creating the letter.

After all the running, jumping and playing the kids will be hungry, so we feed them something delicious, preferably healthy as well!

  • Food / snack
  • A nutritious drink/juice
  • Additional water

Volunteers keep the machine moving on the day of the production – 15-30 coordination volunteers who hand out food, play with the kids, support when organising the letter and clean the event area after production. We also invite the police and fire department to make sure the kids are safe and 2-3 nurses, just in case anyone gets a bruise or a scraped knee, the kids safety and wellbeing is of uttermost importance.

We transport the kids from their local schools so that they can partake in the event.

The picture is taken from anything that can get the photographer Filip Cederholm Agoo up 10-40 meter depending on the location. It can be a crane, helicopter, construction scaffolding or a 20-meter Bambu tower, like in India.

Why not a drone? The most common question is why don’t we take the pictures with a drone? The reason is that it is, by experts, not considered as exclusive photo art unless the photographer holds the camera. Since our aim is to raise millions for charity with the pictures we will do everything we can to increase the value of the picture, so that we at the end of the day can help even more kids.

Safety first! If we take the picture in a more dangerous place, we will keep the kids in an enclosed area to make sure everyone is having fun and staying safe. Depending on the weather we might need tents for sun or rain protection.  To secure the area :

  • Poles
  • Marking band/police tape
  • Popup tents/party tents or anything that protects the kids

With music, speeches, and artists performing, we always get a sound setup that ensures a beautiful experience for the kids.

  • Stage 3×4 meter 1 meter high
  • Sound system enough to entertain 500 kids
  • 2 wireless microphones
  • Additional microphones depending on the performance
  • 2 megaphones to organise the kids when we are arranging the letter

We always co-create with the local community and work with additional photographers to ensure we cover the whole event with both film and photo.

We are all humans and we all know how awful it is when you can’t go, especially if you are a kid. We therefore always arrange with toilets for the kids, how they look will vary depending on where we are in the world, but they all fulfill the same purpose.

Prior to the big day we always visit the schools the kids come from to teach them about ABC Charity, our song and our vision of a more playful and kind world.

A few days after the event we go back to the school with a complete exhibition of all the ABC Charity letters and the pictures from the day of the event. The kids love to find themself in pictures and see what we created together. We donate the exhibition to the school as a memory and for the younger kids to learn the alphabet in a fun and inspiring way.

To celebrate the production and further inspire we exhibit at the town hall, the Swedish Embassy or at any other suitable space in the country we produced. Your contribution helps cover parts of the printing costs.

Part of the Letter Sponsor money will cover administrative costs such as bookkeeping, invoicing and transaction fees. For each event we also cover costs associated with our  production team, i.e. local transportation, food and insurances so that ABC Charity can support everyone involved in making the letter happen and therefor enable all the money collected from the sales of the photo art to be forwarded to the ABC Charity registered charities. This in turn makes possible the kids in the Letter to support the kids receiving the funds – Kids Helping Kids.

As you can see, your contribution goes a long way and that is since we always get additional support from the local community and 100% of the money goes to empower the kids. When we get things sponsored by local companies we add extra giveaways or something else that adds to the children’s experience. To get a better idea of the ABC Charity events please watch our promo below.


Thank you for considering becoming a Letter Sponsor. Connect with us to discuss more opportunities and details:


Our Letter Sponsors

Letter Sponsor Post Available

Letter: A

South Africa

The letter “A” is temporarily funded by Filip Cederholm Agoo and his parents Eva and Jan Cederholm. If you are interested in becoming the Letter Sponsor for the “A” please contact

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Letter Sponsor Post Available

Letter: B


The letter “B” is temporarily funded by Filip Cederholm Agoo and his parents Eva and Jan Cederholm. If you are interested in becoming the Letter Sponsor for the “B” please contact

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Ryska Posten

Letter: C


We love what you do and want to support in all ways we can. Keep up the good work, love from Ryska Posten!

See the Letter

Letter Sponsor Post Available

Letter: D


The letter “D” is temporarily funded by Filip Cederholm Agoo and his parents Eva and Jan Cederholm. If you are interested in becoming the Letter Sponsor for the “D” please contact

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New York Rangers Henrik Lundqvist with wife Therese & Sam Giertz

Letter: E

flag-doDominican Republic

A big thanks to our official sponsors, Henrik Ludqvist together with his wife Therese Lundqvist and friend Sam Geirtz. Together we have given 500 children a day to remember for life and shown them that helping others can be a fun and exciting experience.

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Letter Sponsor Post Available

Letter: F


The letter “F” is temporarily funded by Filip Cederholm Agoo and his parents Eva and Jan Cederholm. If you are interested in becoming the Letter Sponsor for the “F” please contact

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Jörgen Nyberg

Letter: G


I just love ABC Charity so much that I had to become an ambassador and suport a production.

See the Letter

Hammarby Handboll

Letter: H


The sponsors of the letter “H” is a group of dedicated kind-hearted fans and supporters of the Stockholm Hammarby Handboll club. Thank you so much for enthusiasm and support!

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Letter Sponsor Post Available

Letter: I


The letter “I” is temporarily funded by Filip Cederholm Agoo and his wife Fia Garvner Agoo. If you are interested in becoming the Letter Sponsor for the “I” please contact

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Letter: J

Sri Lanka

Thank you JayBird – Free your run with wireless music. Designed & built for runners, by runners #poweryourpassion

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“Business is a matter of human service.”

Merrill J Fernando, Founder Dilmah Tea
ABC Charity Event Sponsor Letter J