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Global Event Sponsor

We are now, for the first time, inviting companies to become Global Event Sponsors and create the remaining 16 letters of “the first ever human alphabet” with us. Together we will inspire thousands of kids around the world and you will also receive a unique and generous sponsor package.

Let’s create art history together!

Join Us & Create

  • The remaining 16 Letters of the Human Alphabet

  • Empower +8.000 kids in 16 countries and give them a memory of a lifetime, approximately 500 kids per event and country

  • Be a part of raising $115.7 USD for different children’s charities

  • Receive exposure internationally

  • Receive an exclusive and generous sponsor package

  • Be part of making art history from the 21st century

“Together we will connect the the next generation through the power of art, while empowering them to become positive change makers”  – Filip Cederholm Agoo, Founder & Photographer

$32.000 FOR THE REMAINING 16 EVENTS (equals $2.000/letter and event)

$112.000 FOR THE REMAINING 16 EVENTS (equals $7.000/letter and event)

$288.000 FOR THE REMAINING 16 EVENTS (equals $18.000/letter and event)

Your contribution goes a long way!

Below you find the detail of what is included in the different sponsor packages, we are off course open for a conversation if you have any special requests.

Share the good work you are doing with your customers and clients, display the ABC Charity logo in your email signature and on your web site.

Inspire your employees, customers and clients by decorating your office with all the ABC Charity letters.

  • Receive one 50x70cm print of each letter of the alphabet worth 550 USD / print  (complete alphabet with 26 letter worth 14.300 USD)
  • You will receive prints of all the letters that are already produce, A-J, within 4 weeks after we start our cooperation
  • The remaining letters of the alphabet, K-Z, will be delivered 4 weeks after each production

Inspire everyone around you with custom made greeting cards.

  • We will design 3 greeting cards for you to send to your employees, customers and clients, friends and family eg. Christmas, valentines, summer greetings.
  • We deliver the designs digitally so you can print the cards in your preferred way or send them via email.

Share the story with the world as you access all the ABC Charity content from the events both film and images. The more we share the good work we do together, the more awareness we will create around ABC Charity and the more money we will raise to charity. Sharing is caring.

We will make a page with company presentation of all our “Global Event Sponsors” like the once we have for charities. We will launch this page during 2020 before we start the next production phase.

At the end of each articles from the events are all the sponsors company logo displayed.

Run employer competition to increase employee engagement, let your staff can win tickets to an ABC Charity production and be part of a life changing experience. Expenses are not covered by ABC Charity however we will help you with arrangements at location.

You will receive 5 pictures with your product or logo exposed at the event together with happy kids. You are free to share the pictures in your social media channels, news letter and on your web page, however you do not receive commercial rights for advertising campaigns. If you would like campaign pictures speak with Filip who is an advertising photographer from the beginning and he can help you with campaign pictures.

We will include at least one picture displaying your product or logo clearly in the image gallery in the article from each event.

We will either:

  1. Display your product at the event if it adds value to the event it self eg. food, sound system, giveaways, t-shirts, camera and so on
  2. Display your company logo at the event on printed material eg. rollup, giveaways, easy shades or something similar

We will display your product or logo for 3 seconds in the video from the event. It might be together with other logos and products depending on how relevant the product is for the event it self. The video will be in the article on and available for you to share.

We will either:

  1. Display your product at the event if it adds value to the event it self eg. food, sound system, giveaways, t-shirts, camera and so on
  2. Display your company logo at the event on printed material eg. rollup, giveaways, easy shades or something similar

Invite customers and clients to a unique and inspiring evening by hosting an ABC Charity exhibition. Show how you work with you Corporate Social Responsibility and inspire others to invest in photo art and a better future. If Filip is available he can come a hold a presentation, if he can’t come physically he can connect via Skype from wherever he is in the world.

The gold level is only available for company’s who’s products adds value to the event itself or giveaway products for the children that adds value to their lives.

You will receive industry exclusivity at the events with your product eg. if you are a speaker company there will be no other speaker than yours displayed at the events from the day we start cooperating.

Create customised campaigns to engage your customers where they for an example can win tickets to a production of a letter and be part of inspiring the kids.

It will be a three times win win win:

  1. You share how are making a difference in the world,
  2. we give a life transformative experience to the winner and
  3. together we create awareness of ABC Charity and thereby raise more money to kids in need.

If you have other creative ideas of how we can achieve greater impact together, please share them and we see how we can make it a reality.

We create custom video content for you according to your requests, that you can share, eg:

  • Stories for Instagram and Facebook
  • Your own event video with additional video content of your product and less of the other sponsors.
  • A message why you support from your CEO or other any other person
  • A special thanks to you from the kids for giving them a memory of a lifetime
  • Your logo at the end and the beginning together with the ABC Charity logo

To make sure you can share your CSR engagement beautifully, you will receive an additional 10 pictures (+ the 5 from the silver level) of your product at the event.

The pictures does not include commercial rights for advertising campaign’s, however you are free to share them in social media, your website and in your newsletter.

In our press kit we will always include nice pictures of your product with the kids and when it is relevant we will include you in the pressrelease text as well. Even if we can’t guarantee that the papers will publish the pictures, Filip personally promise that he will do everything in his world to make so beautiful pictures that they can’t resist.

In our newsletters we will also include pictures from the latest event displaying your product or logo nicely.

Once the alphabet is complete we will produce coffee table books where we will include pictures from the events showing the kids enjoying your product. The book will be the perfect Christmas gift to your employees, customers and clients.

Once the alphabet is complete we will start a global exhibition tour with all the 26 letters of the alphabet. We will go back to all the countries we have produced a letter to exhibit and raise funds to the charities we support in the ABC Charity shop. The exhibition will include all the letter and aslo pictures from the events where your product will be nicely displayed.

We will start “School Exhibition Tours” in all countries we produce a letter from now on, starting after the next production, letter number 11. The exhibition will include all the letters produced so far and event pictures where your product is displayed. The exhibition will travel from school to school in the country and it will come with a video presentation that explains ABC Charity and a workshop video to get the kids inspires to use their creativity to make a difference in their community.

Invite Filip when you have a company event, either private or public and he’ll do an inspirational speech about ABC Charity, how it all started, the journey, the beautiful meeting with kids all over the world and how it is thanks to companies like yours that it has been possible.

Expenses are not included such as hotel, travels and food.

As you can see, your sponsorship will generate a lot of value for the kids and for your company. Your contribution goes a long way and since we always get additional support from the local community, 100% of the money goes to empower the kids. When we get things sponsored by local companies we add extra giveaways or something else that adds to the children’s experience. To get a better idea of the ABC Charity events please watch our promo video:

Thank you for considering becoming a Global Event Sponsor. Connect with us to discuss more opportunities and details. If you have other creative ideas of how we can achieve greater impact together, please share to look into possibilities.


10 letters done, 16 to go!