Who is behind ABC Charity

ABC Charity is founded by Ashley Cooper and Filip Cederholm – two artist dedicated to making the World a better place.
Ashley is a Canadian inspirational speaker, author and artist, and Filip is a Swedish advertising photographer. They sold what they owned, left the safety behind and followed their dream of building up a charity art organization supporting kids in need.
It has been many hard years of work and not always so easy since they were mainly funding everything themselves. They did everything from photography, editing, filming, social media, PR, copy, research, production, design, web development and so on, but without all the amazing support they got along the road it would never been possible.
They are super grateful to all the amazing people that believed in them, in the vision and in ABC Charity, and helped not only with the events but lent them a place to sleep while they were in the Country. Without them it would never been possible! But the further they came, the easier it got, and today ABC Charity is a well structure organization thanks to our Board, Volunteers, Ambassadors and Partners.

Where did the idea come from

The ABC Charity idea came to Filip Cederholm when he was working as an advertising photographer in Sweden. He was questioning his contribution to the World and felt an urge to use his creativity to make a difference and after a year of reflection and thinking he came up with the ABC Charity concept. When he embarked on the journey he meet Ashley Cooper in Toronto and they bonded over the dream of inspiring and empowering kids around the World. They set off together, starting in South Africa. To learn more about Ashley and Filip, please visit their private websites www.ashley-cooper.com and www.filipcederholm.com.