the first ever human alphabet made with thousands of kids around the world



ABC Charity is the first ever human alphabet made with thousands of kids from around the World. Each letter takes place in a different Country, with an inspiring and empowering event for the kids.  The aim is to show that helping others can be a fun and exciting experience.

ABC Charity is also a fundraising tool for different charities around the World. When the letters are complete, they will be sold as photo art. Companies and individuals will then be ale to select their name and 100% of the money goes to a charity of the buyers choice. We are currently working hard to launch the web-shop so that you can start buying the letters!

ABC Charity is like an advertising campaign for love & compassion that generates money for charity.


Global Media Exposure

ABC Charity has been published in over 100 news papers Worldwide including 8 cover stories, + 20 times on radio and TV, + 500.000 views on youtube, + 70.000 followers on Facebook (youtube views and facebook likes includes what we have from Peace Love & Photography as well, the web-series following ABC Charity)

Check out our promo video with Henrik Lundqvist, the Goalie from New York Rangers. Henrik was the “Letter Sponsor” for the letter “E” in Dominican Republic together with his wife Therese and friend Sam Giertz.


Empowering events for kids

The goal of ABC Charity is to not only raise money for charity but to inspire children to lead a more caring and proactive lifestyle. We want them to  understand that by coming to an event in their Country, they are helping other kids around the World have a better future .



“ABC Charity is a very important project” – Archbishop Desmond Tutu

ashley cooper, archbishop desmond tutu, giving back, filip cederholm, abc charity, South Africa  
When we were in South Africa we had the privilege of meeting Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who endorsed the project. We are honoured to have had him stand behind us since the very beginning. 


“ABC Charity is a very important project”
Desmond Tutu, Nobel peace prize winner
“What I love with ABC Charity is that it is kids helping kids”
Henrik Lundqvist, Goalie New York Rangers
It was a great experience and wonderful to be a part of this.  A great way to make a change with children for children”
Ulf Bingsgård, Mayor of Trelleborg
“It means everything to us to be helping other poor kids from around the World. You guys are amazing!”
Viktor, Student

ABC Charity a “6 x Win” concept

  • The kids get a free, inspirational day and the unique opportunity to be a part of a global art project connecting thousands of kids around the World.
  • The registered charities in each country now have an additional avenue to raise money and awareness about their cause.
  • The Co-Creator sponsor receives global exposure and marketing through exhibitions and a 150x100cm print for their office.
  • Ashley & Filip get to live their dream of using art to make a difference, while traveling the world and inspiring kids.
  • The community, city and Country pull together to show that “Together we can make a difference” while being featured   in a Global art project for years to come.
  • The buyer of the art gets a daily reminder of their contribution of love and compassion while supporting a charitable cause they believe in.

We are the faces behind ABC Charity

Hi, we are Ashley Cooper & Filip Cederholm, the founders of ABC Charity. Most people think there is a huge production team behind the project but it is only the two of us working 24/7 and we have done 95% of all you see including photography, editing, filming, social media, PR, copy, research, production, design, building web etc. We have also funded approx 80% of everything by ourselves, but without all the amazing support we’ve been getting along the road it would never been possible. We are super grateful to all the amazing people that believed in us and ABC Charity, without you it would never been possible, it is amazing what we have done together for all this kids.

Join the Journey

We are so happy that, together with all of the amazing people we have met along the road, we have created successful events in 7 Countries so far. We are now looking to take ABC Charity to the next level and are looking for companies and individuals that would like to be a part of this amazing journey!  See below for a list of things we are currently seeking help with. If you are interested in becoming involved or have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us!  

Join the journey and donate your time!

  • Are you PR Agency? We are looking for a PR Agency with Global contacts and network that can help us with press releases, copywriting etc
  • Web – a Web Agency that can help build a web-shop
  • Sponsors – help with finding Co-Creator sponsors for each event
  • Film – Production Company that can help us edit footage from each event
  • People – Individuals that would like to  to volunteer their time are alway welcome. Please contact us and tell us what you are willing to help us with.


Thank you for showing interest in ABC Charity, if you like what we do please share it with your friends!