We're a non-profit organization on a mission to
    bring happiness to every child on the planet.
    We're a non-profit organization on a mission to
    bring happiness to every child on the planet.

The First Ever Human Alphabet

ABC Charity is a Global art project with awesome pictures of thousands kids forming letters of the first ever human alphabet.
The letters are sold as photo art so you can buy your name and 100% of the money is donated
to a charity of your choice, all you need to pay is the print and shipping.

Check out this short video to learn more!

#1 Fundraising tool

ABC Charity helps charities and NPO’s around the World raise money for their causes. We do that by selling the letters of the alphabet as photo art so companies and individuals are able to buy their name e.g. Sony buys S.O.N.Y. and 100% of the money will be donated to a charity of the buyer’s choice. The only additional cost will be for the actual print it self and shipping.

#2 Inspiering event for kids

ABC Charity is based on kids helping kids, the kids form the letters and the money from the sales goes to kids in need. We make this possible by arranging a fun and inspiring event together with the local community. The aim is to connect the kids from all around the World and inspire them to use their creativity to make a difference.

  • “ABC Charity is a very important project”

    Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize Winner

  • “What I love with ABC Charity is that it is kids helping kids”

    Henrik Lundqvist, Goalie New York Rangers

  • ”It was a great and wonderful experience to be a part of ABC Charity. A great way to make a change with children for children”

    Ulf Bingsgård, Mayor of Trelleborg

  • “It means everything to us to be helping other poor kids from around the World. You guys are amazing!”

    Victor, Student

Become an Ambassador

You can and start a fundraising campaign to fund the production of one letter and give 500 kids a day to remember for life.

Become an ambassadeur
Each letter is made possible thanks to our incredible Ambassadors who either crowd funds or donates a minimum of $6,000 to cover the production costs for a letter. 100% of the money goes to making the event for the kids as memorable as possible.
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We have so far made 7 letters in 7 different Countries & given 3000+ kids around the World an experience to remember for life.

New Letters

The Letter G taken with 500 kids in Krabi, Thailand with traditional limestone mountains in the background.

The letter E taken in Dominican Republic with 500 kids, 240 of the kids came from Haiti and it was the first time in their life they saw the beach. The picture is taken in the Punta Cana resort.

The letter D taken in Fussen, southern Germany with 410 kids, you can see the alps in the background and in the clouds are the famous Neuschwanstein castle hiding.

The Letter F taken with 330 kids in Mimice, Croatia. The picture is taken in a 15 century fort used by the pirates to protect the land, in the background you can see the Adriatic Sea.

The Letters On Map Where they were taken


ABC Charity has been published in over 100 news papers Worldwide including 10 cover stories, + 20 times on radio and TV.

If you are interested in helping us creating awareness around the project please let us know. We will gladly do an interview and give you access to the pictures free of charge.

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