The world’s largest art project for charity has arrived in Sri Lanka and we are so excited to be producing the letter J of the first ever human alphabet! Check out our page below to learn more about ABC Charity, see some of our past videos and see how you can get involved.

Kids Event

ABC Charity invites the local community of Sri Lanka to capture its lush landscape with the tea fields, waterfalls and the amazing countryside. The next letter is the letter “J”:

Date: The last week of May / exact date to be confirmed once we have confirmed location

Event duration: 3-4 h + transportation time

Planned location: Nuwara Eliya / Exact location to be confirmed, suggestions welcome

Invited: 500 children (age 6-13) + local community and companies who wants to  support

Cost: Complementary for the children, including transportation, food, drinks, entertainment, giveaways and a memory for life.

Photographer: Filip Cederholm Agoo


We’re heading to Nuwara Eliya region to go scout some of the most amazing, lush, and epic locations to shoot the letter “J” – we’re looking forward to connecting with the local communities in the region and being able to explore more of this amazing country.

The events are made possible thanks to our Letter Sponsors, Global and Local Event Sponsors, photographers with team, the local community and off course all the kids

The letters are sold in the ABC Charity web-shop. ABC Charity charges nothing for it’s services thanks to our partners.

We register 1-5 national charities in all countries we produce a letter in our web-shop. A minimum of 90% of the sales are forwarded to a charity of the buyers choice.

ABC Charity Letter “I” in India

Teaser movie of the ABC Charity event and production in Uttarakhand, India with 432 kids with the Ganges river and majestic Himalaya mountains in the background, showcasing the country’s beauty and landscape. For the letter “J” the vision is to showcase the green lush fields of a tea plantation.

ABC Charity Promo Video

ABC Charity creates photo art with kids in countries all around the world, one letter per country. This movie showcases some of the previous event productions and the Letter E. Introduction by world-famous hockey goalie and ABC Charity Letter Sponsor Henry Lundqvist.

Get Involved!


We are looking to connect with schools in Sri Lanka to work with the kids, host art galleries, empowerment workshops, and many other exciting things!


ABC Charity hand picks local and global charities that support children’s wellbeing, creativity and education, enabling “KIDS HELPING KIDS” – When the buyer purchases a letter in the web-shop, they choose one of the current registered charities that they want to support.

Press & Media

We’ve been published in over 100 newspapers around the World including +10 cover story, we also appeared multiple times on TV & Radio. We invite and welcome any and all press and media to get in touch with us to see how we can collaborate!


Throughout the event, we would be delighted to have as many photographers join us to journey and capture this amazing and beautiful experience along with us!


In every country we go to, we invite local and national musicians to create and produce music at the event for the kids!


ABC Charity’s kind partners donate their products and services to minimize overhead costs. This in turn enables ABC Charity to forward 100% of the money from the art sold and not charging anything for its service. Read below to find out about sponsor opportunities.


We need to transport the kids to and from the event, we’re looking to partner with people who may have contacts in the transportation industry or access to buses
Volunteers  keep the machine moving on the day of the production – you’ll help us coordinate on the day of the event, connect with local communities and create an epic day for the kids!
We take every photo up in the air, and in order to do so we need to build a tower high up in the air – depending on the location, the tower varies in height
After all the running, jumping and playing the kids are going to be needing a delicious snack – help us feed them something absolutely delicious!
Safety first! We always keep the kids within an enclosed area to make sure everyone is having fun and staying safe
We love a good party! Let’s work together to get the kids dancing, singing, hoola-hooping, and swinging through the day
With music, speeches, and artists performing, we try and get sound set up in order to make sure we’re heard loud and clear
Just in case anyone gets a bruise or a scraped knee, we like to make sure the kids are kept safe

Get In Touch!

Local Numbers:
+46 70 511 11 16 / +46 709 46 08 53 / +1 651 368 5073

Above is a photo from the location in Nuwara Eliya which showcases a potential location for the production of the letter “J” – we can’t wait to produce the next letter here!


Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize Winner


ABC Charity charges nothing for its services and can donate 100% of the revenue  (after printing and shipping costs) from the photo art to different charities thanks to our photographers, partners and the local community.


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