Get your friends, family, co-workers, sports team, choir or band together and start a fundraising campaign to fund the production of one letter and give 500 kids a day to remember for life.

Each letter is made possible thanks to our incredible Ambassadors who either crowd funds or donates a minimum of $6,000 to cover the production costs for a letter. 100% of the money goes to making the event for the kids as memorable as possible.

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Jörgen Nyberg

Letter: G


I just love ABC Charity so much that I had to become an ambassador and suport a production.

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Ashley Cooper & Filip Cederholm

Letter: F


Thanks to the amazing support we made an amazing picture in a 1500 century pirate fort overlooking the mediterranean.

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New York Rangers Henrik Lundqvist with wife Therese & Sam Giertz

Letter: E

flag-doDominican Republic

A big thanks to our official sponsors, Henrik Ludqvist together with his wife Therese Lundqvist and friend Sam Geirtz. Together we have given 500 children a day to remember for life and shown them that helping others can be a fun and exciting experience.

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Filip Cederholm & Ashley Cooper

Letter: D


When we came to southern Germany it was like driving through a movie set and when we came to Füssen we knew that it was the place straight away.

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Ryska Posten

Letter: C


We love what you do and want to support in all ways we can. Keep up the good work, love from Ryska Posten!

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Ashley Cooper & Filip Cederholm

Letter: B


Coming to Namibia and being in the desert with 500 children was an unreal experience.

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Ashley Cooper & Filip Cederholm

Letter: A

flag_south_africaSouth Africa

A dream come through, we made the first letter after many hours of preparation. We are super happy and greatful for all the support we got in South Africa.

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Thanks to our partners we have 0% overhead costs and can donate 100% of the money to kids in need.