Event Sponsor

Local Event Sponsors support with their products and services – food, sound system, music, entertainment, transportation, security, elevation, sanitary, giveaways – anything that elevates the event for the kids.

Event Sponsor

Local Event Sponsors support with their products and services – food, sound system, music, entertainment, transportation, security, elevation, sanitary, giveaways – anything that elevates the event for the kids.

Sponsor Package

  • Logo exposure on abccharity.org

  • Social-media content for storytelling

  • Letter of Appreciation in A3 format worth $500

  • Ability to join and support the event

Possibilities to Contribute

We invite companies and volunteers to #CreateTheChange they want to see in the world and empower the next generation. Together we create an amazing day and photography event for the kids in the country we produce. Below we outline possibilities where people can contribute to an empowering, secure and fun event.




We love a good party and so do the kids! Let’s work together to get the kids dancing, singing, hula-hooping, and swinging through the day. Anything that can elevate the experience is welcome:

  • Clown
  • Face painting
  • Hula hoops
  • Beachballs
  • Frisbees
  • Slackline
  • Or let us know what you would love if you were a kid at an ABC Charity event?

A “Kind is the new cool” t-shirt is gifted to all the kids when they arrive at the event to set the stage for the day. When the day is over, we give all the kids an “I can change the world” gold medal, so they embody that they are positive change makers and have made a difference by creating the letter they were in.

Mmm yummy! After all the running, jumping and playing the kids will be hungry – help us feed them something absolutely delicious, preferably healthy as well! Below you’ll find the kid’s wish list:

  • Food / snack
  • A nutritious drink/juice
  • Additional water

Volunteers keep the machine moving on the day of the production – you’ll help us coordinate on the day, carry and prepare, give the kids t-shirts and giveaways, making sure the kids are safe, feed and are having the time of their life. Below are the different needs at the events:

  • 15-30 coordination volunteers who hand out food, play’s with the kids, support when organizing the letter and clean the event area after production
  • 5-10 authorities, the police or fire department secures the area making sure the kids are safe
  • 2-3 nurses, just in case anyone gets a bruise or a scraped knee, we like to make sure the kids are kept safe

We seek to partner with a bus company that can help with transportation of approximately 500 kids to and from the event. In return, we will take beautiful pictures of the kids and the busses for the bus company to use. 

The picture is taken from anything that can get the photographer up 10-40 meter depending on the location. It can be a crane, helicopter, construction scaffolding or a 20-meter Bambu tower.

Why not a drone? A drone would be a much easier way to take the picture, however, it is not considered photo art unless the photographer holds the camera. Since the pictures are sold to raise a lot of money for charity we will do everything we can to increase the value of the picture.

Safety first! If we take the picture in a more dangerous place, we will keep the kids in an enclosed area to make sure everyone is having fun and staying safe. Depending on the weather we might need tents for sun or rain protection.  To secure the area :

  • Poles
  • Marking band/police tape
  • Popup tents/party tents or anything that protects the kids

With music, speeches, and artists performing, we try and get sound set up in order to make sure we’re heard loud and clear.

  • Stage 3×4 meter 1 meter high
  • Soundsystem enough to entertain 500 kids
  • 2 wireless microphones
  • Additional microphones depending on the performance
  • 2 megaphones to organize the kids when we are arranging the letter

Join us and co-create, we invite photographers and videoagraphers to support ABC Charity with additional pictures from the event. The pictures will be used in the article from the event, in social media and press. To join please send us your portfolio and then we’ll make a plan.

We are all humans and we all know how awful it is when you can’t go, especially if you are a kid. We therefore always arrange with toilets for the kids, how they look will vary depending on where we are in the world, but they all fulfill the same purpose.

To celebrate the production and further inspire we love to exhibit at the town hall or at any other suitable space in the country we produced. We would like to invite key persons from the country, authorities and celebrities to come and see what the kids created.


Amazing, call Fia Garvner Agoo and tell her about how you want to create with us or send her an email fia@abccharity.org. As a token of our appreciation, we will offer you the following.

  • Printed A3 “Letter Of Appreciation” awarded to you or your company, including the letter we produced together. See picture
  • Digital “Letter Of Appreciation” for sharing in your social media
  • Pictures of your product or your service at the event
  • Access to all the pictures from the event to show your support (commercial rights not included)
  • Logo exposure in our online event article. See picture
  • Join the event and create with us

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Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Get In Touch!

Filip Cederholm Agoo

Founder & Photographer


Sri Lanka mobile: 076 639 90 13

WhatsApp / Swedish mobile: +46 70 511 11 16

Fia Garvner Agoo

Marketing Manager


Sri Lanka mobile: 076 639 90 44

WhatsApp / Swedish mobile: +46 709 46 08 53

Marcus Alburez Myers

Media Production Manager


WhatsApp / USA mobile: +1 651 368 5073

100% Charity Thanks To Our Partners

ABC Charity charges nothing for its services and can donate 100% of the revenue  (after printing and shipping costs) from the photo art to different charities thanks to our photographers, partners and the local community.

Invest in photo art and empower kids

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