“A” in South Africa with 490 kids

We did the A in South Africa on the famous Blauberg Beach with Table Mountain and Cape Town in the background. The kids came from townships nearby and many of them had never seen the beach before event though it is only 20 min away. So we are so happy to have given them a memory that they will cary with them for life.

The Story

Green grass rolls over the gentle hills of Fussen, Germany as sunlight breaks through a cloak of mist blanketing the magnificent Alps and the silver Forggensee. 440 children from local schools in Fussen and Schwangau rallied to form the D in a location that would not be out of place in a fairy tale; indeed, just beyond the clouds lies Neuschwanstein Castle, said to have inspired the creation of the home of Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. That day in September 2013, produced with the assistance of local photographer Peter Samer and restaurant Casa Veda, was anything but sleep-inducing, with live entertainment from violinist John Arthur Westerdoll and DJ Gunter Treppte, and old fashioned ice cream for all courtesy of Beppo’s Eisktusche. The children were all business when setting up the letter, but ready to have some fun once the cameras stopped and the music started up. There is no moment where we are as free as when we are a child at play, and the goal of the ABC Charity is to ensure that every child has a chance to enjoy that same fairy tale feeling.

Letter Sponsor

Filip Cederholm & Ashley Cooper

“When we came to southern Germany it was like driving through a movie set and when we came to Füssen we knew that it was the place straight away.”

Event Sponsors

A special thanks to all the companies, volunteers and amazing people who helped us making it a memorable day for all the kids.

“ABC Charity is truly inspiring!”

Costanza Totis, Volunteer