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Welcome to the Bravehearts page, we will keep updating this page with all the amazing things that happens. Enjoy the journey!

The best weekend of my life!

You can not imagine what it means to me to feel the overflowing excitement from you guys! This has been my dream for so many years and now it is happening for real. I am forever grateful. Me, my wife, the board and everyone else who has been supporting ABC Charity over the years are so excited to see what we all will create together. Let’s empower millions of kids to become positive change-makers!

More images for you to enjoy

Happy Hearts (ABC Charity) Advisory Board

Future Inovations

Sander shared an interesting future forecast by WGSN. It verifies a lot of what we are doing and at the same time I think it is missing some important things. I have made some notes with my thoughts around their predications and if you have time have a read through the document so can we use it as a shared reference point.

I think we can create our future predications as well, since it is important to remember that just as much as they are predicting the future, they are creating the future, since a lot of people will use it as a roadmap. So what roadmap do we want to share with the world for our common future.

Future Innovations

Discovery Weekend with Bravehearts

I just arrived in Barcelona & I’m stoked about creating a roadmap for the future with you guys!

Explanatory Videos

Current status of 2020

ABC Charity current status, what we have created so far. Below are a couple videos explaining how we’ve been structuring the ABC Charity today. It is a great foundation to build from, however we are open for any changes that can improve the impact. Enjoy!

Why Filip, Why?

Sander and Steven asked me to think about why I do what I do and when I came to a conclusion then ask why and why and why again. So I recorded a video trying my best to figure out why I do what I do…

Let’s empower kids

to become positive change-makers

We would like to invite Bravehearts to join us on our mission. Let’s create art history and empower kids all over the world through the power of art. Together with thousands of kids we create the world’s largest art project for charity. We do that by photographing the FIRST EVER HUMAN ALPHABET and selling the pictures as limited edition photo art to benefit different kids charities in the countries we produce.

Kids create photo art, other kids benefit – “KIDS HELPING KIDS”

The letters

The “First Ever Human Alphabet” is currently in the making. We have to date photographed the first 10 letters A to J. We photograph one letter per country with approximately 500 kids in each letter.

How ABC Charity Works


We create empowering photography events for thousands of kids around the world together with sponsors, photographers and the local community we give the kids a memory of a life time.


The letters are sold in the ABC Charity web-shop and 100% of the revenue are donated to a charity of the buyers choice, always a minimum of 90% of the total sales price.


We support up to 5 trustworthy kids charities in each country we produce a letter. These are the organisations the buyer may choose from when purchasing the letters in our web-shop. 

Limited Edition Charity Art

The letters are sold in a limited edition from our web-shop, they are printed on c-print paper, stamped, numbered and come with a certificate of authentication. When all prints are sold they will have raised 115,7 million USD to different children’s charities around the world.

A minimum of 90% of the total price is donated to a charity of the buyers choice. ABC Charity’s pro-bono partner DHL ships free of charge all over the world. ABC Charity charges nothing for its services thanks to generous pro-bono partners, sponsors and our co-creators who cover the production costs.


Invest in photo art and a better future


Fia G Agoo my lovely wife

Fia has been a rock on this journey and helped out day and night with everything from productions to the web. Our vision is that we continue producing the events where she will be responsible for entertainment and good vibes.

What makes everything possible?

Thanks to amazing people and companies, ABC Charity is able to forward 100% of the revenue from the sales of the letters to charity. Giving kids a better start in life.

The amazing people & companies

Hundreds of people have volunteered at the ABC Charity events. Partners have supported with their products and services, Letter Sponsors, Global Event Sponsors and Co-Creators have supported financially. ABC Charity’s aim it to create a simple and streamlined business model to minimise overhead costs by offering unique CSR packages.

Below are four ways companies and philanthropists can join our mission.


Partners support with their products and services to enable a 100% charity model. Partners are allowed to use the images in advertising campaigns to share their CSR engagement and support driving the sales of the ABC Charity letters.



Global event sponsors support financially to make the events a lifetime memory for the kids. We offer gold, silver and bronze levels with generous ROI and the ability to have products promoted at the events.



One letter sponsor is invited to stand behind each letter, they support financially and receives a unique sponsor package in return. Today we had sponsors to 5 of the 10 letters, among them are Henrik Lundqvist and Jaybird.



The co-creator collection is a limited collectors edition and the only prints personally signed by Filip C Agoo. The funds will boost the organisation so we can get in resources to hire a sales person who can sell the different products.


“What I love about ABC Charity is that it’s kids helping kids”

Henrik Lundqvist, Letter Sponsor “E” & New York Rangers Goalie 

What’s next?

As we complete the first alphabet, we have a proof of concept that ABC Charity is a beautiful way to inspire kids and raise money to charity. More variations of the letters are however needed. My name Filip, for example, has two “I” and it would look better when spelling out my name on the wall that there would be two different pictures of the “I”. Therefore:

  • We invite other world class photographers as guests to create one letter each (or more) eg. David Lachapelle, Anton Corbijn, Annie Leibovitz
  • We hire top level photographers to create complete alphabets in different styles eg. black and white, night pictures, in the water and so on.
  • My dream is to create one letter in every country around the world, making it approximately 9 alphabets and a lifetime mission.

Indigenous children

Our vision is to photograph some of the remaining 16 letters with indigenous children, give them a voice and share their wisdom. They know how to live in harmony with nature and we have so much to learn from them, especially these days.

I currently have another assignment for the company Everland, that protects 50% of the world’s UN REDD+ rainforest in the world, by selling verified carbon credits. For them I document rainforest, wildlife and indigenous people. Everland love’s ABC Charity and want to support with the productions. The plan is to do multiple letters deep into the forests with local with communities.

Learn more about Everland at

Grand finale in Grand Canyon

The final letter of the alphabet we plan to do in the Grand Canyon giving the native Americans a voice. We’ll do the biggest market last and then we launch the complete alphabet with a huge exhibition in New York. Imagine covering Wall Street with 15×20 meter large prints over the buildings, making it an over 500 meter long exhibition. Or we can do park exhibitions with one huge letter in each park encouraging families and schools to travel around and explore the city they live in. This park exhibition can travel to capitals all over the world and create integration in the name of compassion.

“I believe that happiness is the way to create positivity change in the world. Let us empower the next generation and show them that it is fun to help each other and together create a more playful and kind world.”

“There is nothing better than waking up in the morning to see that we raised money to charity while sleeping.”

Filip C Agoo, ABC Charity Founder and Photographer











“ABC Charity is a very important project”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize Winner